Saturday, January 2, 2010


Wow I still cannot Believe that a WHOLE Decade has went by already. I have done a whole lot of Accomplishments and Things in my life that I am SO proud of. Here is the list that I have done..
Had my 1st Child Blake
Got my 1st JOB
Got my 1st place without the Parents
Graduated High School
Got Married the day before 9/11/2001
Had my 1st Girl Katie
Lost my FIL
Lost my Brother on New Years Day
Did a lot of Traveling to Las Vegas, San Diego, San Fransisco with The Family
Went to My 1st Concert in Las Vegas
Took our 1st Family Vacation
Had my 3rd Child Ashley
Lost My Father
Had my 4th Child Lil' Bits
Went on 2 vacations
Moved to a Bigger place
Had my 5th and Last child Big D'
Officially Lost my Sanity.. Lol
Met a lot of NEW Friends
Lost a Friend To moving
Got Rid of a Pain in the ass of A MUTT.. Lol
Gained back my Sanity
Reunited with My sister and her Husband and kids after 15 years..
And started Fresh on Life and Love.
Well Right now the Love I am in is for My Children and Family..

I know that it doesn't look LONG to you and not so Eventful, but to me.. IT WAS THE BEST EVER.. and there is more too come in the next Decade.
I am going to have Weddings, Graduations, Sweet 16's And that will happen 3 times for me.., me going back to school to finish what i started, and to succeed More better for my kids and their Future..
Thanks for reading and HAPPY NEW YEARS.. 2010

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